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September 20, 2018

Resolving Bluetooth Malfunction issue in Windows 10

It has been observed that after an upgrade in Windows 10 the Bluetooth devices were found not working. Some other issues were also found after an upgrade among which the issue with Bluetooth is the primary one. The issue with Bluetooth can be resolved by troubleshooting and various other methods. Some of the best methods are discussed below in detail:

1. Check the Bluetooth device related hardware such as drivers installed in your PC. Disconnect the Bluetooth device from your computer and reconnect it to the computer. The driver installed in your computer will show some prompt on the screen.

2. If it still doesn't work then open the start menu and go on the Bluetooth setting page. Look if the device is actually connected or not.

·         Go to the 'Settings and Devices' option. You'll find that there's not even on/off button for Bluetooth on screen irrespective of the fact that your computer has a Bluetooth radio.

·         Now, use Bluetooth troubleshooter. Go on search toolbar and write "Troubleshoot" and then click on search, the "Troubleshoot system settings" options come up.

·         Click on the "Troubleshoot system settings" option, it will redirect you to the troubleshooting page which has a troubleshooter for many common window issues.

since the problem persists with the Bluetooth device, go down to the "Bluetooth" option and select "Run the troubleshooter" option.

·         This troubleshooter will do the analysis of your system. It'll definitely ensure that your computer has a Bluetooth radio, latest driver installed for this radio, and that it is turned ON and ready for use.

·         Now, try to connect the Bluetooth devices that you've set up with your system. A window will pop-up on your screen and it will show the problem.

·         If it says that your radio isn't turned ON, select "apply this fix". Your problem will get fixed.

3. Most of the times malware programs are are responsible for the Bluetooth problems in our computer. There is the possibility of having some bugs in system error memory dump files in windows 10 that cause the Bluetooth malfunction. To get rid of such bugs uninstall the softwares that serves as the origin for such bugs. Some anti-malware utilities can be used to protect the computer from dangerous malware.

4. Check whether airplane mode is ON or OFF. If it is ON, then turn the airplane mode off and enable the Bluetooth. You can find the option of airplane mode in Settings> Network and Internet> Airplane mode.

5. Enable Bluetooth support service and to do so, follow these steps:

·         Use Windows shortcut keys "Win + R" to open the Run.

·          Type into services.msc.

·         Double-click the Bluetooth Support service on the pop-up Services dialog.

·         Click the General tab.

·         Click the Start button.

·         Select Automatic from the Startup type list.

·         Click the Log On tab.

·         check Local System account.

·         Click the Ok button.

·         Restart the PC.

6. Restore the System to Fix Windows 10 Anniversary Bluetooth Not Working

You can perform a system restore to fix the Bluetooth not working issues after Windows 10 anniversary update, which can roll back the PC state to a back date where your Bluetooth is still working properly.

7. The above methods would probably help you get rid of the Bluetooth malfunction in your computer. If some Bluetooth issues still exist in your computer, refer Microsoft Support Website.

8. If your problem did not get solved then use the feedback hub to detail the Bluetooth device that you are trying to connect with Windows.

9. Finally, submit feedback to the Window Engineers.